Project Description

Vascellero Resort is an imposing facility that extends over a large area and offers a wide variety of services, including restaurants, swimming pools, conference rooms, tennis courts, and a private beach. A key element underlying the functionality and efficiency of this complex is the adoption of KNX technology, an innovative choice that has allowed achieving the high standards required by the client. This project, one of the largest ever realized using KNX technology, stands out for the use of fiber optics to interconnect seven different KNX areas, thus ensuring an integrated and highly efficient system for controlling the entire resort. Thanks to this system, all rooms are monitorable in real-time from the reception, allowing staff to adjust the internal parameters of each room according to customer preferences and to respond promptly to any alarms, such as those coming from the shower. The implementation of KNX technology at Vascellero Resort highlights how advanced solutions can significantly improve management and experience in large facilities, ensuring efficiency, comfort, and a high level of service customization.

Used Brands: Ekinex SPA, Vimar, Bes, HDL

Employees: 3

Period: 2016-2017