Project Description

podium of Grand Marina, Saigon, spanning over 25 hectares. Positioned next to eight Marriott and JW Marriott residential towers within the Grand Marina complex, this skyscraper stands at 55 stories with five underground levels. The tower features a unique design where the floors are staggered to create expansive terraces dedicated to networking spaces. Each of the five podiums offers an attraction for a unique and “Instagrammable” commercial experience. Sun Tower will bring together world-class businesses and luxury retail brands, offering facilities for shopping, entertainment, and dining not only for office workers but also for the residents of Grand Marina, Saigon.
In this structure, Widomars handles everything related to lighting. The lights, intelligently managed by our sensors, ensure that the user at the desk always receives the right amount of light; additionally, the color temperature adjustment feature changes the Kelvin from a warm color in the morning to a cooler color at noon, all designed with human comfort in mind. All lights follow the DALI protocol, and about 7040 different circuits can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone. Maintenance staff can detect nonconformities, such as burnt-out lamps or lamps that have operated for more than 40,000 hours.

Used Brands: Ekinex SPA, Interra

Employees: 2

Period: 2023-2025