Project Description

Suite 10 offers an exclusive stay experience with 10 uniquely designed suites and a wellness center, representing one of the best options for vacationing in Polignano a Mare. Despite its location in one of Italy’s hottest climates, the facility ensures all the desired comforts. The rooms are prepared in comfort mode before the guests’ arrival to always ensure the optimal temperature. An innovative resence sensor in the rooms monitors the presence of guests and window openings, disabling cooling to avoid energy waste and activating a recirculation pump to immediately provide hot water at the tap when needed. The structure is completed by an audio system easily manageable via AirPlay and Bluetooth for each guest, a Dali lighting system that identifies faults, and a monitoring system for every electrical issue. The structure’s most notable innovation is the garage located across the street. Using the same access card as the suites, guests can access the garage despite the lack of a direct wired connection between the two structures. Thanks to KNX technology, it was possible to transmit the necessary data via a radio connection over the road.

Used Brands: Ekinex SPA, Arcus EDS, Mobotix, Dahua, Vimar, Crestron, Microtick

Employees: 3

Period: 2016-2017