Project Description

Located just steps from the Vatican walls, Monticello represents a new frontier of living in the Roman landscape, a place entirely conceived for the comfort, tranquility, and serenity of its inhabitants. The complex includes 68 apartments, each equipped with the most
advanced technologies available on the market at the time of construction. Among these, smart lighting, HVAC systems, motorizations, alarms, consumption monitoring, video intercoms, cameras, audio-video systems, and irrigation systems, all manageable via onsite devices and tablets. The entire building is under the control of KNX and Crestron systems, and thanks to a 24-hour operational guardhouse, it is possible to receive notifications of any alarms coming from all the apartments. Each garage and apartment has individual energy accounting, and monthly data is collected and sent via email.

Used Brands: Ekinex SPA, Arcus EDS, Mobotix, Elmo, Hikvision, Vimar, Crestron, Microtick

Employees: 4

Period: 2015-2019