Project Description

McLaren F1 is a building located near the Formula 1 circuit in Bahrain. Originally designed in the ’90s for RUF, a company specialized in development, processing, and tuning of Porsche models, it was later acquired by McLaren around 2015. In this facility, Widomars was tasked with tackling a challenge we are particularly proud of, given the complexity that few companies could have managed. It involved an extremely outdated KNX system, one of the first installed in the world in structures of this size, which had numerous issues: nonfunctioning devices, transmission difficulties, interferences, lost devices, and, critically, the absence of an ETS project. In just three weeks, we managed to fully operationalize the entire system, reusing many of the pre-existing devices, integrating new technologies, and restoring the client’s ability to fully enjoy the facility’s splendor. The internal, external, and façade lighting is currently managed both through sensors and via predefined scenarios. In the offices, there is a constant control of brightness and air quality.

Used Brands: Ekinex SPA, Siemens, Merten, Comfort Click

Employees: 3

Period: 2018-2019