Project Description

This kindergarten, winner of the KNX Award 2016, stands out for its advanced use of technology aimed at creating a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for children. Safety is a top priority, with doors and windows equipped with sensors that, when opened, immediately trigger an alarm to alert educators. This system ensures constant access control, reducing risks for the little attendees. The indoor environment is designed to dynamically adapt to the children’s needs, with temperature, lighting, audio, and blinds manageable both manually and through preset scenarios. These scenarios are designed to accompany the children through different parts of the day, from
sleep hours to creative activities, contributing to creating a consistent and pleasant daily rhythm. To achieve such an integrated and functional system, various protocols and technologies were adopted. The Modbus is used for the collection of data related to energy production, ensuring efficient consumption monitoring. ELMO is in charge of managing alarms, ensuring prompt responses to any emergency situations. Crestron provides the technology for audio control, offering tailored solutions for the institute’s audiovisual needs. Finally, the KNX system integrates building automation, from light regulation to temperature, for optimal comfort. Together, these advanced technological solutions contribute to creating a state-of-the-art kindergarten where every detail is designed to offer children a superior educational environment, safe and stimulating.

Used Brands: Ingenium, HDL, Crestron, ELMO, Intesis, Gewiss

Employees: 3

Period: 2015