Project Description

Cinquevite Rooms & Pool is an innovative hotel structure located in the heart of Polignano a Mare. This exclusive destination offers five luxurious suites, each of which can be fully managed through simple commands activated from iPads provided to guests. Guests have total control over various aspects of their hotel experience, including climate management, temperature adjustment of the private pools inside the rooms, adjusting light intensity, and selecting desired background music. A distinctive advantage offered to customers is the virtual reception, which allows the manager to welcome guests remotely, using their smartphone to open the doors of the facility, thus ensuring an
exclusive and personalized stay experience. It is now possible to create advanced access systems via QR codes, NFC, numeric codes, or facial recognition, greatly enhancing comfort and security for guests. These technologies allow for effective and secure remote management, eliminating the need for the owner to maintain a constant physical presence. The ease of access and customization of entries ensure an unprecedented user experience, while advanced security measures ensure peace of mind and protection for guests and the property itself.

Used Brands: Vimar, Crestron, Ekinex, Intesis

Employees: 2

Period: 2016