Project Description

The Cala Ponte Hotel in Polignano a Mare, Puglia, is an example of effective integration of technology for energy efficiency in the hospitality sector. Equipped with an intelligent control system, the hotel reduces energy consumption by automatically turning off air
conditioning and lights in unoccupied rooms, thanks to presence sensors. This intervention significantly impacts costs, as air conditioning can account for up to 50% of energy consumption in similar facilities. Moreover, the use of a Dali system for lighting in common
areas further optimizes consumption, adjusting light intensity to actual needs. The pump room is also equipped with sensors for remote monitoring, improving efficiency and preventing waste. These technological solutions not only reduce the environmental impact of the hotel but also increase its sustainability, demonstrating how luxury and environmental respect can go hand in hand.

Used Brands: Ekinex SPA, Vimar, Bes, HDL, Crestron, Mobotix

Employees: 3

Period: 2016-2017