Project Description

The BCC Crotone facility represents a model of efficiency and comfort in the workplace, thanks to the adoption of advanced technologies for the automatic control of lighting, heating, cooling, and air quality. Each office is equipped with an intelligent lighting system that maintains an optimal level of 500 lux on the work surface, thanks to ceiling-mounted brightness sensors. These sensors also have the function of automatically turning off the lights and air conditioning if they detect the absence of a user for more than 20 minutes, optimizing energy consumption. The regulation of blinds is automated based on the external light intensity and the position of the sun, thus ensuring the absence of glare and contributing to the visual well-being of the occupants. Moreover, the inclusion of probes for the detection of CO2 concentration ensures constant monitoring of air quality, fostering a healthy environment, ideal for concentration and reducing fatigue. The infrastructure technology is completed by a conference room and a centralized management system via a touch panel provided by Crestron, allowing intuitive and integrated control of all building functionalities. These cutting-edge solutions reflect BCC Crotone’s focus on creating an optimal work environment where technology and comfort merge to enhance the productivity and well-being of users.

Used Brands: Ingenium, HDL, Crestron, Vimar, Intesis

Employees: 3

Period: 2016