Home automation represents the frontier of innovation for modern homes, allowing you to transform a home into an intelligent, efficient and above all up environment tailored to the needs of its inhabitants. We firmly believe in personalizing the home, in its ability to adapt and evolve according to changes in the needs and desires of the people its occupants. That’s why we are here, after years of experience on the market, ready to share our knowledge and to offer personalized advice, treating your investment with the same care and attention that we would reserve for our funds.
Through our experience at Widomars, we are committed to proving that there is no one size fits all brand, technology or device that is ideal for each situation.

What can Home Automation do for you?

It depends on what is most important to you, here are some examples

Simplified Control

Easily managing all aspects of your home through a single interface is now possible. Imagine being able to turn on the lights, adjust the heating or control the door locks with a single tap on your smartphone or with a simple voice command. This feature makes daily life more comfortable and intuitive, eliminating the need to interact with systems complexes of different brands or multiple remote controls.la vita quotidiana più comoda e intuitiva, eliminando la necessità di interagire con sistemi complessi di diverso marchio o multipli telecomandi.

Remote Access and Monitoring

Transform the way you interact with your home. You can control devices from anywhere, using an app on your smartphone. Whether you are in the office or on vacation, you can check if you have turned off the lights, check the security cameras or adjust the thermostat, giving you peace of mind mind and unprecedented control.

Energy efficiency

With a KNX system, you have the opportunity to reduce your energy bill by up to 60%. This advanced automation solution optimizes the operation of lighting, heating and other home systems, allowing you to consume energy more intelligently and efficiently. Thanks to this approach, you not only contribute to safeguarding the environment, but also transform it your home into a model of sustainability, leveraging technology to make significant savings cheap.


It offers advanced alarm systems, surveillance cameras, motion sensors and locks smart devices that allow you to keep your home safe 24 hours a day. Receive immediate notifications on your device in case of suspicious activity, ensuring a quick response to potential threats.

Scalability and Flexibility

Allows you to add or modify devices and features based on your personal needs or needs technological changes. Your home can grow and adapt with you, integrating new solutions without having to redo the entire system, ensuring a long-term investment.

Design for the Future

It means that your home is prepared to welcome future technological evolutions. With a solid infrastructure, you can easily integrate new devices and technology standards, ensuring that your home remains cutting-edge and compatible with upcoming innovations.


It offers the ability to create scenarios and environments that reflect your unique preferences and needs.
Whether setting the perfect lighting for a movie night or scheduling the heating to wake you up comfortably, the house adapts to your lifestyle, making every most pleasant day.

Competitive advantage

Having a home equipped with modern technology can offer an advantage in the real estate market. The homes with advanced features are increasingly sought after for their benefits in terms of safety, efficiency and comfort. This not only increases the value of your property but makes it also more attractive to potential buyers or tenants.

Okay, all nice, but how much does it cost?

We have heard many times that home automation systems are expensive. In past, when the first devices were introduced on the market, they belonged really to a niche and our first projects were only intended for very people wealthy, such as footballers, politicians or entrepreneurs. Only they could afford it of spending thousands of euros on a single product. However, as pointed out from the law of diffusion of innovation, the costs of any new technology tend to reduce significantly over time. Today, the price difference between systems traditional and smart home systems is minimal, we are talking about a difference of only a few thousands of euros, which will certainly be amortized over time thanks to benefits offered by the technologies implemented